Blog Carousel Theme: Love & Passion

“You must remember this, a kiss is still a kiss….” Louis Armstrong’s classic “As Time Goes By” plays in the background as I type, with the beloved scratchy noises of the old fashioned turntable from which it was recorded. Of course, Sinatra’s version of the song is more popular, but the movie Sleepless in Seattle used Louis Armstrong’s version and now it just has to be Armstrong.  I thought it was fitting for the images I would share for this blog carousel.  Kisses are one of my favorite things to capture -spontaneous, fun, romantic, flirty or soul searching. They never disappoint my artistic eye. And when they are the ones that really show that deep connection between two people who’ve pledged a lifetime of love and commitment, they are the most beautiful thing ever.

Here are a few of my favorite kiss captures.




I hope that your days will be filled with kisses from the beloved in your life – your significant other, sweet children, relatives and friends.  The next stop in our Blog Carousel is the fabulous Buffalo NY Child Family & Baby Photographer SH Portraits – prepare to fall in love again!

See you here soon!