Maternity and Newborn Photography Simplicity Sessions!

Announcing maternity and newborn photography Simplicity sessions!

Many of you have asked about our popular Simplicity Sessions for maternity and newborn photography. These all-inclusive sessions are perfect for the do-it-yourselfers who just want a beautiful set of digital files with printing rights. Digital files are delivered in both color and black and white via download within two weeks of your session. Simplicty sessions are also perfect for family and baby portraits. There are a limited number of Simplicity sessions available each month, so please make sure you plan ahead. For more information, please email the studio at or call 678-234-1988.

FAQ’s about Simplicity Sessions

1. Are these full sessions or a mini session? Simplicity Sessions are a bit briefer than our regular sessions. However, we allow plenty of time to capture a beautiful variety of portraits. Newborns receive two hours of studio time. Maternity, family and children sessions receive one hour studio time. Please be on time for your Simplicity to ensure we are able to fit in a complete session.

2. Is there a session fee for Simplicity Sessions? There is no session fee for these sessions. The all-inclusive pricing covers my time with you and your family in the studio, complete editing and retouching of the images, and setup of your download links.

3. How many images are included and what is a “digital file”?  You will receive 20 original digital files in both color and black and white from your Simplicity Session for newborns, families and babies. The maternity Simplicity Session includes 12 original digital files in both color and black and white. One “digital file” is a single image/pose cropped to a 5×7 crop ratio at 300ppi.

4. Will I be able to select my favorites? The Simplicity Session will include my selections of the “best” of each pose taken. You will receive the complete number of files from your session, so there is no need to eliminate pictures through a selection process.

5. How do I print my pictures? I will give you a consumer lab recommendation as well as a photographer’s print release for you to print your pictures. You will need to be proficient with using jpegs and with basic ordering software.

6. Can I still order products from you after my session? Absolutely! I encourage clients to use me for larger wall portraits as well as storybooks, cards and other products. Simplicity clients receive 30% off a la carte pricing.

7. Do you have props and different backdrops available for these sessions? All of the props and backdrop options that are available for regular sessions are also available for Simplicity clients.

8. Do you offer on-location Simplicity sessions? Due to time constraints, Simplicity sessions are only available in the studio. Most availability will be during the week. From time to time weekend Simplicity sessions are open as well.

I hope that answers some of your questions….please don’t hesitate to contact me with additional questions or availability!


Some recent work:

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JimJuly 1, 2014 - 9:50 am

Great twin shots. You pulled off some very difficult shots. Great work.

Atlanta photographer | Website undergoing maintenance

Welcome, friends!

My website is currently undergoing some needed surgery due to update issues. I hope to have my portrait galleries and information pages back up soon. In the meantime, please enjoy some recent session images. If you would like more information about scheduling a session, as well as a link to my online Client Information Packet, please contact me via the form above or call the studio at 678.234.1988.

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Family Photographer with Back-to-School Photography tips

My amazing colleague and friend Anna Mayer, Milwaukee Family Photography recently published a very helpful article on how parents can capture better family photographs of their kids at home. No matter what camera you are using or what the weather may be, you can improve your personal snapshots with just a few easy tips.

Family photographer Anna Mayer has some excellent tips. Her article can be read in its entirety here. 

Last month I had the privilege of photographing such a beautiful family – the winner of my Mother’s Day contest. Marlen, you and your family were a delight to photograph. I hope you enjoy your portraits for years to come!

Family Photography Atlanta

Finally, it’s time for the annual Fall Mini Sessions! I will be posting details soon. Existing clients can email me at to reserve their spot!


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Time to update the blog :)

I hope everyone is enjoying the beginning of summer! It’s been awhile since I’ve shared here on the blog. Most recent sessions and updates are on the Facebook page, so please be sure to follow me there

Some of the beautiful people who’ve been in the studio over the last couple of months. Atlanta newborn photography Atlanta newborn photography


Atlanta newborn photography Atlanta newborn photography
Atlanta newborn photography Atlanta newborn photography Atlanta newborn photography Atlanta newborn photography Atlanta newborn photography

See you back here soon, friends!


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Anna-KarinJune 20, 2013 - 12:29 am

My gosh Michelle, these are all just stunning portraits! You are so talented and the lighting and posing is impeccable in these gorgeous portraits. Well done!

Atlanta Newborn Photographer :: To All Aspiring Photographers

I just received another email from someone wanting to start a children’s photography business. She’s leaving a well paying career and already has a website and a portfolio that (being honest here) needs some work . She wants my advice. So here it goes:

STOP! Do not leave a paying job in this economy to pursue the vastly over-saturated world of photography where everyone with a digital SLR can open a business. Make no bones about it, I LOVE what I do. I have put over 8 years of hard work into making my business a success. I am blessed with the work that I have coming in. But it is NOT easy.

Perfecting your craft takes a lot of time and training. Outside of learning how to shoot properly (if you think you know it all you are likely at the tip of the iceberg) you have to learn how to run a business – being at a desk job does not prepare you for running a small business. There is a huge learning curve. You have to learn how to market yourself. Once you learn all of that you have to stay on top of it (notice my SEO blog title – I have no shame). Every. Single. Week. If you take a break you will lose market share. That will crush your business. I know many very talented photographers who have been in business many more years than me who have had to close their doors for good.

Photography is expensive. Especially if you haven’t worked through the cost of running a business. It can be a financial drain. Cameras, lenses, backup camera, backup lenses, props, strobes, reflectors, backdrops, stands, computer, crazy expensive software, website, hosting, insurance, continuing education, marketing, business registration, occupational tax, sales tax – all topped off with a huge self employment tax penalty at the end of the year. This does not include the actual costs of goods sold. You also need to be paid for your time. You will not make enough to cover these expenses (much less your time) if you are not priced for profit. Most photographers who open their doors are not priced for profit.

Photography is a huge time investment. I spend an average of 7 hours per regular session scheduled. I spend many additional hours each week on administrative tasks, accounting/taxes and marketing.

When you finally have a well-marketed, stellar portfolio with a solid pricing schedule that will make your business profitable you face the worst trial yet. For every well-trained and properly priced professional photographer there are at least 10 aspiring hobbyists who will undercut your work and sell their “talent” for $50 on a high resolution CD. Don’t ever make the mistake of trying to compete on price – there will be someone willing to do it for free. You must somehow differentiate yourself from literally hundreds of photographers vying for the same market share. There’s a reason Photography was listed as the 3rd worst degree for return on investment by Kiplinger for 2012.

My advice – enjoy photography as a hobby. Do not expect it to turn into a profitable career choice. Your family will be hungry. That’s the honest truth.

To my loyal clients. Thank you so very much for  your business. I appreciate it more than you know!

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